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What is MonetaVerde (MCN)?

MonetaVerde means Green Coin which means that this coin uses already existing mining resources (Merged Mining) and it's supply is regulated by mining community. MonetaVerde is the first cryptocoin with blockreward increasing together with difficulty. Block reward formula is a fixed point implementation of log2(difficulty). This means that block reward increases much slower than difficulty which means for 1 coin to be added to block reward a difficulty must be increased twice. The goal is decline in deflation. The less the deflation the more it is profitable to save up some MCN. Deflation ruins the usage of cryptocurrency as a legal tender. Deflation is a very serious problem for all cryptocoins because it prevents them from being used as payment mean. MCN will has a slower deflation rate than other coins.


Open Source

MCN is a decentralized Open Source Cryptocurrency project and released under the MIT license.


Untraceable truly anonymous transactions and encrypted information transfers in decentralized p2p network.

Merged Mining

Merged mining with Bytecoin (BCN), QuazarCoin (QCN), Monero (XMR) and other CN based coins.


MonetaVerde blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis and all transactions are anonymous.


MonetaVerde uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority.


Double-spending fraud protection on the blockchain with Traceable Ring Signature.


MonetaVerde provides an easy way of securing assets with CPU-efficient PoW and POS.

Blockchain Staking

Can be locked for staking for a determined period of time. Staking supports the price of MonetaVerde.


Brings the equality with an egalitarian PoW pricing function, which is perfectly suitable for ordinary PCs.


Windows Desktop v1.0.0 (Coming Soon)

Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit

Linux Desktop v1.0.0 (Coming Soon)

Linux 64-bit

MacOS Desktop v1.0.0 (Coming Soon)


Windows Daemon v0.8.9

Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit

Linux Daemon v0.8.9

Linux 64-bit

MacOS Daemon v0.8.9


MonetaVerde Blockchain